Providing Quality Short Term Care to Patients Time After Time

Fisher Senior Care & Rehab Center prides itself on the loyalty of their patients. Our guests frequently come back to us when they are in need of care after their hospital stay. Recently, a short term patient wrote a kind note expressing his gratitude for the excellent care received during both of his stays at Fisher Senior Care & Rehab Center.

Excerpts from a letter written to the Fisher team from Mr. S. Elwood

Until my discharge a few days ago, I was a short term rehabilitation patient at Fisher Senior Care and Rehab Center. I want to thank all of the staff for everything that each and every one of you did for me. Four years ago, I was a patient here when my lung collapsed. Recently, I needed to help regain my strength again after pneumonia and blood poisoning left me very weak. I knew I would go back to Fisher Senior Care & Rehab Center. After only a week I could feel myself getting stronger.

The staff at Fisher are great. They are caring and so very helpful. Due to a closed head injury, it takes me additional time to respond and the staff always takes plenty of time to listen and always treats me with patience.

I just want to thank everyone for the fantastic care I received while I was a rehabilitation patient. The respect, the care and especially the promises made to me by the Administrator and kept is a rare, and important value. Thank you so much. You are one more person that I know I can trust with my life!


S. Elwood

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